Enterprise GRC & Risk Management Software

Rapidly customise and implement your own Enterprise Governance Risk and Compliance solution. Our software solution, STREAM Integrated Risk Manager, is the future of Enterprise GRC: easy to configure and use, and providing valuable actionable intelligence for business managers.

You can download our STREAM risk management software and training packs free of charge and get started. Using the free download you can configure your own GRC solution and use this on a single computer within your organisation and supply chain or to provide services to others.

You can use the free download to develop and pilot your Enterprise GRC solution for specific management systems, such as information risk, IT governance, health & safety, environmental, business continuity and supply chain risk management. You can use STREAM Instead of spreadsheets for corporate risk registers and reporting or you can pilot an integrated Enterprise Risk Management software solution.

A range of applications with pre-configured content and productivity utilities are available and when you are comfortable that STREAM meets your business requirements you can easily upgrade to our multi-user edition.

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