"If a problem occurs within your IT systems something has changed. Identify what has changed and you have identified the root cause of the problem!"

NNT Software allows organizations to set an approved baseline for the performance, state and configuration of the IT Infrastructure including: Network, PC's & Servers.

NNT Software manages and tracks all changes to the set baseline.

NNT Software has the ability to identify and report any unauthorized changes and if required remediate those changes. Returning IT systems to a known, available & compliant state.

The Product Range

NNT is a leading software manufacturer and solutions provider. We offer a full range of business solutions to improve most business processes across all IT platforms from the Datacenter to the Desktop!

Log Tracker Enterprise™

Log TrackerNNT Log Tracker Enterprise™ provides a highly secure and inclusive solution to any compliance policy. Log analysis is crucial in the prevention of any cyberattack.


Change Tracker™ Enterprise

Change TrackerTrack, Manage and Audit all changes to the IT Infrastructure from the PC to the Host Machine and everything in between.