Disaster & Business Continuity Planning

Uninterrupted system operations are critical to businesses today. It is essential therefore that any disaster and business continuity plan takes into account all mission critical, necessary and essential aspects of your company's information processing operation.

Eurotek NS' Disaster and Business Continuity Planning Specialists will design ground-up solutions, which target both emergency and longer-term restoration of your company's operational processes and business information. Mandatory controls such as disaster detection and damage assessment mechanisms, hot-site procedures, rapid response teams, critical backup and recovery procedures will be developed, planned and implemented. A full disaster recovery plan will be supplied which also deals with press and public relations, staff training and periodic plan testing procedures.


  • Designate Management, Response and Support Teams
  • Disaster detection, determination and notification procedures
  • Activation of designated hot-site procedures
  • Desirable, necessary, essential and critical functions
  • Emergency operations centre functions
  • Step-by-step recovery strategies
  • Dissemination of public information
  • Damage assessment procedures
  • Actual plan testing and staff training


With a well thought out, comprehensive and tested Disaster and Business Continuity Plan in place you can significantly minimize your company's down time in the event of a catastrophe saving you valuable time (revenue) which in today's competitive business environment, is critical to survival.