Engineers Toolset

Monitor and Troubleshoot Your Network with 49 Powerful Network Management Tools

If your organization is like most, you and your colleagues are expected to have superhero powers that enable a small staff to manage a highly complex network infrastructure comprised of thousands of devices.

Packed with 49 powerful tools, Engineer’s Toolset delivers the network management, monitoring, and troubleshooting tools you need to easily and effectively manage your infrastructure – all in one extremely affordable package.

toolset With Engineer's Toolset's powerful network management capabilities, you'll look like a superhero, without having to develop any special powers. Here's a sample of Engineer's Toolset's save-the-day features:

  • Monitors and alerts on availability, bandwidth utilisation, and health for hundreds of network devices.
  • Provides robust network diagnostics for troubleshooting and quickly resolving complex network issues.
  • Offers an array of network discovery tools that facilitate IP address management, port mapping and ping sweeps.
  • Eases management of Cisco® devices with tools for real-time NetFlow analysis, configuration management and router management.


Version 10 of Engineer's Toolset will transform the way you troubleshoot your network forever… we promise. It includes a collection of powerful network management tools, all of which can be easily accessed through a new, innovative Workspace Studio to quickly resolve issues right from your desktop.

With Workspace Studio, you can organize, group, and connect troubleshooting tools to tackle network challenges. Troubleshooting the Internet connection for the third time this week? Investigating issues with the switches on your LAN? Don't waste time digging for the right tools. Now you can build and save custom workspaces with drag and drop simplicity, putting the tools you need at your fingertips.

"Any network engineer would find it hard to function daily without using at least one utility in the Toolset."
Scott Andres, Senior Network Engineer, Network Engineering and Support Group in Lakewood, WA.