Forensic Security Response Service

It's a fact that very few computer crimes these days result in criminal prosecution. This is largely because companies who detect them are unable to identify their source, the exact data affected and the means and methodology used. Subsequently, they fail to understand the extent of the damage and construct the chain of evidence necessary for prosecution. As a result, the hackers go unpunished and systems remain insecure because the vulnerabilities exploited are not identified and addressed. When a company chooses to pursue the problem, they are faced with a myriad of technical and legal challenges.

Eurotek NS provides complete system forensic services to assist the victims of attacks. Whether trying to determine the extent of an attack on your system, looking for evidence in a criminal or civil suit, or determining exactly what an employee has been up to, we are trained to find and interpret the clues that have been left behind. This includes situations where files have been deleted, disks have been reformatted, or other steps have been taken to conceal or destroy the evidence.


  • Onsite thorough forensic examination of the system(s)
  • Identification and interpretation of attack methodology
  • Data recovery and restoration
  • Comprehensive report detailing findings
  • Repair and hardening of systems
  • Preparation of all documentation required for prosecution
  • Expert witness provision
  • Security penetration test to ensure weaknesses are addressed


Eurotek NS Forensic Services can help your company identify the extent of the attack on your system, recover the data, get the evidence to prosecute and harden your system against further attacks.