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Compliance & Data Security: Gaining and Maintaining it


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The gaining of compliance be it to an accredited standard (PCI-DSS, ISO 27000, ITIL, CoCo etc…), service level agreement or other organisational requirement can be a lengthy, and challenging process.

However, having reached a compliant state, a far greater challenge is maintaining it.

This Free Seminar will explore exactly what is required to achieve compliance, and how to ensure that it is maintained.

Topics covered include:

  • Getting to a compliant state.
  • The key elements: How close are you?
  • Remaining in a compliant state.
  • Change Control, and Detection: ensuring that changes, planned or otherwise do not compromise compliance.
  • IT and Data security: Key elements of compliance.

Guest Speakers include leading experts.

After a complementary lunch, a “Hands On” workshop, along with individual consultations will be held.

“If compliance is important to your organisation, you need to attend this seminar”

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