Incident Management

The impact to some businesses of security incidents can be catastrophic, others suffer relatively little impact, we help client understand the impact of potential worst case outcomes and define plans in advance to manage unexpected incidents.

The more obvious information security incident types e.g. virus infections, information leakage, etc have very obvious and public consequences. Other types of incidents are often best handled in the most discreet manner possible e.g. employee misuse, competitor targeted attack, director profile, etc.

Our experience in dealing with large scale security incidents on critical systems enables us to manage the incident from discovery through to recovery to business as usual, analysing the causes, 'recovery' and building an appropriate action plan to prevent reoccurrence.

We can act on our clients behalf to investigate and gather evidence of a suspected incident. Forensic analysis can be utilised to discover and retain evidence that may be needed to protect the best interests of the company.


We provide clients with an appropriate methodology for Incident Response, forming and Managing an Incident Response Team. We are often retained to be a part of the incident or crisis management team and lead the information security components of any investigations. We provide proactive Incident detection and assessment services to identify early warning signs that a client is being targeted. Our consultants can respond at short notice to assist in the management of serious incidents

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Incident Response

Cyber security incidents can include denying, disrupting or stealing of information on IT networks. Such security compromises damage the reputation and trust of affected organisations, undermine customer confidence and unnecessarily consume budget money and staffing resources. Companies should continuously assess the value of information stored company networks and apply appropriate security measures commensurate to overall risk.

The severity, scope, amount of damage and therefore cost of a cyber security incident increases with every hour it remains unresolved. Security incidents must be reported and resolved in an efficient and timely manner to ensure minimum impact and effect to business processes and corporate reputation as well as profit loss. Deploying a planned and appropriate method for Incident Response will enable quicker resolutions to an IT security incident. Responding to any security incident with immediate effect is essential.

Eurotek NS work with organisations to plan and implement strong mitigations in order to prevent incidents occurring, and in the result of vulnerability, enable rapid detection.


Eurotek NS performs exposure assessments and helps organisations define plans for disaster recovery. We are experienced in helping to determine maximum permissible downtime for each service, defining recovery time and recovery point objectives. We develop plans whilst evaluating business continuity arrangements and we assist the organisation with planned and unplanned disaster recovery testing.

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Disaster Recovery

Does your existing IT Security infrastructure live up to the challenges of modern business interruption? Have you undertaken assessments outlining the requirements for a safe and reliable disaster recovery service for your business? Many existing organisations worldwide do not have adequate measures in place to prevent a disaster should their IT systems be compromised through failure or security breach. Consequences can be catastrophic for businesses, from political, economic and environmental issues to reputation damage and complete IT systems failure. If not regularly reviewed, often systems in place are ineffective or outdated leaving businesses exposed to severe financial losses or even reputation ruin. Eurotek NS are specialist providers of IT Disaster Recovery services worldwide.

Eurotek NS offer a guarantee which is achieved by incorporating components such as creating system images of your server, instituting a solid management plan, a well managed tape backup regime, Volume Replication, Managed Storage Pools, Data Archiving, Data Collocation and Remote offsite backups. We use the latest technology and offsite storage solutions to provide businesses with a proven and guaranteed disaster recovery solution. Eurotek NS are able to quickly and effectively restore your server system to operational status in the event of a disaster.

A complete Disaster Recovery plan will bring together the technology, processes, actions and responsibilities of the whole business infrastructure ensuring the continuity of your business should a disaster occur. Eurotek NS will constantly monitor the Disaster Recovery Plan as well as business processes and conduct regular spot testing to guarantee ultimate data security.

The benefits of implementing a Disaster Recovery Solution include:

  • Compliance with legislative, industry, customer and supplier requirements
  • Confidence to meet the needs of the organisation in times of business interruption
  • Putting processes in place to ensure unplanned system downtime is kept to a minimum
  • Protecting the reputation of your organisation
  • Assured business continuity, where business is contained and managed in the event of an interruption


Many businesses conduct investigation without the correct process or knowledge to preserve the evidence they are reviewing. Our advisors are trained to utilise advanced data recovery and forensic investigation techniques in audio, video, computer and document discovery. We have expertise in the recovery of deleted / corrupt and encrypted data. We recover passwords and keys used when they have been accidentally or maliciously destroyed. We utilise secure encrypted data storage systems and have staff that can appear as expert witnesses on client’s behalf.

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Forensic Investigations

Eurotek NS are proud to be are recognised as a leading provider in providing expert computer forensic services, engaged by internationally established clients including top media agencies, iconic hospitality chains and government departments.

Eurotek NS Investigations have uncovered a rapid increase with regards to the volume of inquiries it receives from victims of serious internet crime. Often, law enforcement don't have the resources to assist in investigations into cyber crime and security breaches. Internet fraudsters are organised, highly skilled and plan their scams to hide behind a complicated network of bogus identities.

We conduct forensic analysis to extract electronic evidence on any device that contains a hard drive within a network and can help clients with the forensic acquisition and analysis of data on all types of company networks and IT infrastructures. Once the acquisition and investigation processes are complete, we provide an analysis report containing our findings and recommendations.


We perform systems monitoring and provide proactive surveillance systems, we can assist with Counter surveillance strategies, Evidence gathering and presentation, Covert investigation analysis and Personnel Interviews. We have staff dedicated to monitoring and protection against stalking and can provide confidence that all instances are investigated and recorded.

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We perform systems monitoring and provide proactive surveillance systems, we can assist with Counter surveillance strategies, Evidence gathering and presentation, Covert investigation analysis and Personnel Interviews. We have staff dedicated to monitoring and protection against stalking and can provide confidence that all instances are investigated and recorded