Welcome to Eurotek NS Intelligence, your window on the change that affects you, your business and your target markets.

Eurotek NS Intelligence is an integrated software-as-a-services tool managed by dedicated Eurotek NS analysts. It gives you a complete, real-time view of all of the change that affects you, and allows you to make effective decisions quickly.

Eurotek NS Compliance Intelligence

It is sometimes difficult to realise when changes occur and when precedent is set in the legislation, regulation and standards that affect you. Eurotek NS Compliance Intelligence allows you to quickly understand what action you should take. It also helps you track your progress in both remediation and compliance to all relevant benchmarks.

Eurotek NS Technical Vulnerabilities Intelligence

New vulnerabilities are detected in underlying stable technology all the time. Eurotek NS Technical Vulnerabilities Intelligence keeps you fully informed about those vulnerabilities that affect you, and can automatically test whether you have the necessary fixes in place.

Incident Intelligence

There are no absolutes in security. However, Incident Intelligence allows you to learn from others experience. Eurotek NS reviews all known Business Continuity and Security incidents and analyse the causes, probable impacts and suggest actions for organisations to take. This reduces the likelihood of you suffering from the same problems.

Eurotek NS Trend Intelligence

Eurotek NS Trend Intelligence is a key source for all management teams, continuity and security professionals, and technology vendors. It provides information on factors that affect Continuity or Security decision-making, including identified trends in competitor activity, market uptake, growth of best practice adoption, growth/decline in threats and incidents.