ISO 17799 & BS 7799 Compliance Verification Audits

Compliance with ISO 17799 and BS 7799 is essential for the modern, professional and secure company. Eurotek NS utilises established BSI and ISO standard guidelines and we issue our customers observance certificates for proof of compliance, often required by investors, board members, insurers, third parties or customers.

Eurotek NS will thoroughly review your existing business control processes, both at the practical day-to-day implementation and policy/guideline levels. This will include your security policies, change control processes, configuration management, third party and internal supply and service level agreements and any other necessary relevant areas.

A comprehensive gap analysis report will be presented in which differences between your company's actual and ideal BS7799 compliant situation will be highlighted in a series of concise itemised points, together with suggested improvements and a road-map to achieve compliance for each.


  • Asset classification and control
  • Business continuity planning
  • Computer & operations management
  • Personnel, physical & environmental security
  • Security organisation and policy
  • System access control
  • System development & maintenance
  • Comprehensive gap analysis report with road map
  • Data Protection Act compliance assessment


Eurotek NS ISO 17799 and BS7799 Compliance Verification services will enable your company to achieve compliance with this critical standard as quickly and efficiently as possible significantly increasing the security integrity of your corporate operations.