IT Health & Support

This customer driven service means clients can pre-book days of our engineering and support time (at a cost saving). These can be called off ( 24 hours notice), as required throughout the year for any support or health/performance issues.

Under this scheme clients also a have access to our state of the art analysis tools from market leaders, along with the expertise to make them work for you.

In addition, the annual fee can includes the deployment of non-intrusive software agents on each site. These will perform long-term monitoring, performance analysis and problem notification / logging.

These agents will be interrogated each time we visit, and for a small additional licence charge a console can be installed on each site so that clients can view network performance and produce management reports on demand.

Clients may, should they wish use one or more of the pre-purchased days from a Network Health and Performance Support agreement for us to assist with the implementation and deployment of support / management tools and software along with staff training.