Managed Services

The Eurotek NS Group provides specialist support throughout the selection and Due Diligence exercise and throughout the period of integration that follows. Our goal is to help manage change and maximise the benefits of an outsourcing arrangement in the longer term whilst minimising the risks on both sides.

Outsourcing is very often an effective way of bringing value to the bottom line in the short to medium term. In order to realise longer term cost benefits, however, organisations need to factor in the potentially increased level of risk as well as the operational overhead of negotiating each new change to infrastructure, systems, process and procedure with a Third Party.

A range of managed services is offered to complement the clients internal teams or primary outsource partner. We provide distinct services designed to provide assurance and visibility that information is being adequately protected.

Our managed services can be either seamlessly integrated into general IT and security management practices or they can be utilised as a tool to monitor the effectiveness and compliance of existing controls and support arrangements.

Our goal is to help manage change and maximise the benefits of an outsourcing arrangement in the longer term whilst minimising the risks on both sides.

Our Managed Security Services:


Our dedicated secure environment provides secure monitoring services for our clients. Our fully accredited Security operation Centre (S.O.C.), compliant to MOD, HMG and ISO standards. List X (i.e. HMG Security accredited facility located in the South of England provides hosting, management and security monitoring services to MOD, government agencies, blue chips and high net worth individuals. All support and monitoring staff hold current HMG security clearance and are vetted to ISO standards. Options for 9-5 or 24/7 security monitoring operations with either internally managed or client managed Incident response procedures Daily and weekly oversight by principal consultant (e.g. CLAS, CISSP, CISM).

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Managed Security Monitoring

Eurotek NS Managed Security service incorporates comprehensive 24 x 7 security monitoring and management solutions to elevate pressures and resources associated with supporting an effective IT security environment. Many of our customers share the same common challenges, often including:

  • Hiring staff with the appropriate and required skills
  • Maintaining the integrity and viability of environments
  • Developing and implementing necessary procedures and disciplines
  • Maintaining high levels of diligence in monitoring and
  • Analysing the resultant data sets
  • Handling and impact analysis of change requests
  • Development of required to provide audit trailing and forensics
  • Determining and instigating the appropriate response procedures
  • Responding to and tracking problem requests

Eurotek NS highly experienced personnel in conjunction with our purpose built managed services infrastructure assist clients solving security challenges. Our Managed Security Services delivers a comprehensive suite of security monitoring and management solutions to customers. With Eurotek NS Managed Security Monitoring plan, your security infrastructure is secure and uncompromised.

Eurotek NS Managed Security Monitoring includes; Firewall Management,, Availability Monitoring, Authentication Services, Vulnerability Scanning, Certificate Management, Onsite Support, Log Monitoring, SIEM, Secure Gateway, Vulnerability Management, and Request (Event) Tracker.


Negotiate Service Level agreements Monitor Third Party Managed Service for compliance and performance Management of technology environments, departmental or enterprise outsourcing, or distinct security operations. Hosting platform for secure systems and applications dedicated and visualised solution options Backup and disaster recovery facilities and services operated 24 hours a day, packaged secure solutions include backup, email encryption, access management, application design and hosting.