Eurotek Infosec Assured™ PCI DSS compliances awareness training:

Includes Development of bespoke elements of collateral, and deliverables to fulfil the training courses requirements of clients, Copies of Presentations, Handouts, Tests, and Certificates etc...

Contents of each session to include , but not limited to:

  • What is Information Security (CIA)
  • What is the PCI DSS
  • How does the PCI DSS apply to your organisation
  • Information Security (Credit and Debit Card),and the PCI-DSS, The importance of Information Security
  • How Information Security Supports the business
  • The carbon factor is the weakest link within information security
  • Explaining the necessity for reasonable IT and Data security measures
  • Examples of vulnerabilities, and non compliant working practises
  • The implications of failure to adhere to the requirements of the PCI DSS

Each session includes Q&A.’s