Personnel Security


Frequently, companies do not have the resources to fund full-time staff with skills and experience in all the areas to meet the needs of a particular project or to provide a fully effective security function.

Equally organisations wish to avoid turnover of expensive contract staff that may leave throughout the duration of the contract / project, taking valuable company knowledge and creating additional costs and further delays.

At Eurotek NS our highly skilled security consultants and/or business managers are available to fill your specific requirements on an ad hoc or part-time contract basis.

Providing you with the right person for your job, at the right time and, just as importantly, with the added advantage of being part of our own virtual team, ensures our consultants arriving with a clear view and understanding of your organisation and issues, capable of hitting the ground running. Eurotek NS offers a wide range of skill-sets to fill roles from complex technical penetration testing, computer forensics, personnel security to business management.

We can provide an objective evaluation of your current security organisation, reviewing the structure and assessing skills of individual members. Recommendations can be made for change to align team’s objectives with business strategy and security protection requirements.


  • Contract, part-time contract and ad-hoc security consultants
  • Broad skills to match the requirement from technical to senior management
  • Security staff review and evaluation (performance, skillset, etc)
  • Security organisation review, reporting line and responsibilities
  • Evaluation of third party organisation security staff (supplier or partner)


  • Corporate policy – Security policy, Acceptable use policy, Internet & email use
  • Legislation – Data Protection Act, Human rights act, Computer misuse act
  • HR processes – Disciplinary, grievance, whistle blowing, performance, etc
  • Appropriate technical methods of monitoring activity and collection of evidence
  • Employment contracts, Non-disclosure agreements, Confidentiality agreements


  • Assessment of references from employment candidates
  • Validation of resume for both employment and educational experience
  • Skills assessment of candidates through interview process or task assignment
  • Advise on Starter / leaver processes and user management programmes
  • Verification of personal information and work permits


  • Technical security training for IT Security staff responsible for operations
  • Security training for general IT staff to raise awareness of security issues
  • New staff induction training, awareness of polices & best practise
  • Targeted presentations to business departments or client representatives
  • Company wide awareness campaigns, online presentation, quiz, intranet