Complete Vulnerability Management

Visibility, Management and Control of software vulnerabilities across your networks and end points

Secunia is recognised industry-wide as a pioneer and leader in complete vulnerability management and patch management software.

Secunia’s award-winning vulnerability management security suite equips you with:

  • Vulnerability Intelligence
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Automated Patch Management

Manage and control software vulnerabilities in your third party applications throughout your organisation with Secunia.

Corporate Software Inspector (CSI)

When you think of application patch management, does it extend past the operating system?

Patching operating system vulnerabilities is a solved problem.

Criminals and hackers have shifted the focus of their attacks to exploit known vulnerabilities in third party applications.

In fact Secunia estimates that the ratio of vulnerabilities in third party software versus operating system vulnerabilties is continuely increasing; rising from 57% in 2007 to 86% in 2012. Unless you have 100% visibility of installed software and all vulnerabilities are patched, you are at a much high risk of attack and possible breach.

Third party applications fall into two camps:

  • The applications you know about, that have vulnerabilities and require patching
  • The applications you don’t know about and are vulnerable to attack

Secunia Corporate Software Inspector 7.0 (CSI) is unique in the industry and covers the four areas of patch management:

Vulnerability Intelligence

Research, discover, rank and alert to new vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Scanning

Complete visibility of all applications present in your desktop estate, their location and vulnerabilities

Patch Creation

Automatically identify and download applicable patches and package them for deployment

Patch Deployment

Integrated with Microsoft System Center and WSUS as well as third party solutions including Altiris, the correct patches are distributed to the correct machines

Secunia CSI 7.0 At a Glance:

Cloud Scanning

CSI provides non-intrusive authenticated vulnerability and patch scanning and identifies all installed programs and plugins, based on the files on each system

SCCM and WSUS Integration

Secunia CSI integrates seamlessly with System Center 2012 and Windows Server Update Services so you can manage all your security updates, including third party updates from one console

3rd-party integration for patching

CSI can be easily integrated with your preferred patch deployment solution using the Secunia Patch Deployment SDK to keep all of your management in one place

Smart Groups

Filter and segment your vulnerability scans to easily priortise patch deployment, based on specific software, devices or advisories. Create on-demand and scheduled reporting based on these filters and be alerted to significant events

Extensive Database

CSI scans vulnerabilities in applications and plugins from tens of thousands of vendors

Apple Mac OSX and RedHat Enterprise Linux Support

CSI scans applications on Windows, Apple Mac OSX and RedHat Enterprise Linux so even your mixed environments are covered