Security Review

Eurotek NS delivers enterprise security management solutions designed to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and visibility of security operations and information risk management. We provide managed services (where appropriate) for your security infrastructure and enable centralized security monitoring and incident management in heterogeneous environments, improving overall security and reducing operational costs.

We provide external third party review services for all components of a clients security infrastructure, we can review the effectiveness of controls against policy and evaluate threats to assets from external and internal attackers.

Common scope for security reviews are listed below:-

  • Identity management system
  • Helpdesk and support process
  • Windows user and privilege management
  • Review of outsourced partner management systems
  • Remote access security controls
  • Security of backup solution and media controls
  • Intrusion prevention management and response process
  • Clustered / load balanced firewall systems
  • External & Internal penetration testing
  • Compliance with corporate policy and standards
  • Management of physical security controls


  • External testing to attempt to compromise critical IT systems
  • Simulate the motives and techniques of an attacker
  • Conduct internal testing to evaluate the risk from staff and partners
  • Attempt to escalate privileges from a standard user account
  • Conduct testing of service providers to validate their protection systems

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Penetration Testing

How good are your defences against an intruder attack? A security penetration test is a controlled and managed simulation of an actual system intrusion. It gives you a realistic experience of an attempted break-in - whether from an outside intruder or from your employee or business partner. During a penetration test, your security mechanisms as well as your intrusion detection and response capabilities are put to the test against a skilled attacker. Periodic penetration testing is a very effective method for keeping your security capabilities at the desired level.

Eurotek NS penetration testing includes the use of social engineering techniques, which is attempting to use not just purely technical and tools-based techniques to gain access to the network and resources but also employing human interaction – typically over the telephone -- to gain information such as usernames and passwords.

Eurotek NS utilizes an extensive armoury of best-of-breed tools and utilities, which are constantly monitored, upgraded and updated. A large number of these tools have been developed in house. The suite includes commercial packages such as ISS Internet Scanner and NAI CyberCop, as well as lesser-known software (including L0phtCrack, nmap, nessus, strobe, netcat, spoofing tools, IP fragmented packet construction kits, TCP package sequence attack tools, etc).


  • Compare IT systems against current vulnerabilities
  • Check patch and software versions of all systems
  • Grade non-compliant systems against severity of the vulnerability
  • Implement a system of remediation and automated patching to improve compliance
  • Investigate whether lack of security patches had led to a successful breach

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Threat Assessments & Risk Analysis

Effective risk management enables organisations to identify, prioritise and manage risks to avoid many problems, and, in the context of project management, increases the likelihood of the project achieving its objectives providing greater benefit to the organisation.

Eurotek NS can identify and define the specific security threats to your business operations and systems and the risks associated with those threats. Eurotek NS will then recommend simple and effective methods to mitigate or manage those threats. We use proprietary Eurotek NS tools to assess and analyse these threats and risks and categorise them as "Low", "Medium" or "High". Each category utilises different resources and inspection tools and defences.

Eurotek NS also provides quality assurance for existing risk management plans and training for senior executives and project managers on the latest tools and techniques to help with the management of project risk.