Sentinel 360 ™

Total I.T. and Data Management. Including; Change Control, and Compliance Assurance at a fixed annual cost.

This innovative solution from Eurotek provides an alternative to the costly initial expenditure, plus ongoing upgrades, and support costs associated with the implementation of I.T. management platforms.

Eurotek’s Sentinel 360 ™ provides all round I.T. Management, including Data Security, Change, and Compliance management, combined with the professional expertise needed to underwrite your organisations ability to get the best out of your chosen solutions.

Eurotek’s Sentinel 360 ™service provides “best of breed” solutions based on both technical, and budgetary requirements without the need for outright purchase and capital outlay.

Sentinel 360 ™ includes on-site Service Assured™ Support, ensuring that the solutions are constantly delivering at their optimal capabilities. This includes the provision of ongoing professional services in support of the solutions and staff involved.

In short; Eurotek’s Sentinal360 ™ provides a complete I.T. support solution without the financial burden of the initial purchase, and ensures that you are working to a known fixed budget each year.

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