Threat Assessments

Effective threat assessment and risk analysis enables companies to identify, prioritize and manage the security threats to their business information to avoid many problems, maximizing security and increasing the likelihood of achieving business objectives.

Eurotek NS Information Security Specialists will conduct an extensive review of your business to define, identify and isolate your company's sensitive information. Eurotek NS shall then identify and categorize the specific security threats to your sensitive information and the risks associated with those threats. We will then recommend simple and effective methods to mitigate or manage those threats.

We also provide quality assurance services for existing risk management plans and training for senior executives and project managers on the latest tools and techniques to help with the management of project-specific risk.


  • Summary identification "Corporate Sensitive" information
  • Identification & assessment of threat to information
  • Identification & assessment of risk to information
  • Security review of information system architecture
  • Recommendations to mitigate, minimize and manage risk
  • Security roadmap and improvement program


Eurotek NS Threat Assessment and Risk Analyses Services can help your business quantify the specific security threats to your company's information technology system and operations enabling you to minimize and manage it to an acceptable level and serve to determine appropriate budget allocations