Wireless Network Security Audit

Wireless networks are becoming increasingly popular with large organizations mainly due to such operational requirements as 'hot desking' and the requirement to access system information from portable laptops, pocket computers, electronic notebooks and personal data assistants from corporate boardrooms and meeting areas. But wireless networks are fraught with security weaknesses and are extremely vulnerable to attack.

Don't sacrifice security for convenience. Eurotek NS will review your wireless network for existing security vulnerabilities such a susceptibility to a denial of service attack, access point cloning, frequency jamming and platform hijacking. Eurotek NS will map the perimeter of your network and test the integrity of your encryption keys and authentication mechanisms. Upon completion, Eurotek NS will issue a comprehensive report of their findings complete with recommendations and best security practices for your wireless network.


Comprehensive internal/external network security survey Identifies all authorized and any unauthorized access points Identifies existing access vulnerabilities Identifies network encryption integrity Test authentication methodology Identifies interception, monitoring and insertion vulnerabilities Identifies packet analyses, access point cloning vulnerabilities Identifies DOS, jamming and platform hijacking vulnerabilities


An Eurotek NS Wireless Network Security Audit will enable your company to identify, minimise and manage the security vulnerabilities associated with your wireless network. Simple, cost-effective measures can be easily implemented to significantly minimize the security risk to the data on your wireless network.